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Some Tests and Info

2016-03-31 14:58:17 by Delavas

Trying to be more active here so making another post.

I've been working on some timelapses as seen in my last post and uploaded a new one which is all 
on my Youtube channel here:

I also thought that since I'm never using some of these old tests might as well just share them. 
Most of them are rough and old so take it as you will.

That's it for now. Yeah


2016-03-13 20:41:07 by Delavas

So I was bored yesterday and recorded myself animating and decided to timelapse it for the hell of it.
I think it turned out pretty good even though its not my best but oh well.

New Identity

2015-10-28 20:26:07 by Delavas

I've decided to rejoin the madness/animation community and to start it off I've changed my name to Delavas and look foward to making new animations.

Keep an eye out for a Halloween animation


Happy Madness Day!

2013-09-22 16:37:34 by Delavas

Well, it's Madness Day again and it seems like most of the community has either died off or been to lazy to make an animation(like me). I can't complain though because most of these submissions have been pretty good thus far. Here's hoping to another good year of Madness and hopefully I can pull an animation off this time around.

-Happy Madness Day!

BIG things are coming

2012-03-29 16:10:15 by Delavas

New Test

BIG things are coming

Madness Affiliation

2010-09-17 18:58:21 by Delavas

Yup, so Madness Affiliation is a dual project that TTA and I are doing. Deception is canceled and I'm going to worry about Affiliation and collab parts. Check out progress on the sprites on TTA's Alt Account. The actual animating hasn't started yet because TTA hasn't finished the sprites yet, but the progress he's making is really good. This will be started at about the beginning of October and finished sometime in 2011. :D

Madness Affiliation

Madness Deception

2010-07-15 22:49:24 by Delavas

Yep, I got a name for my solo project due for madness day. I have about 300 frames done and I'm going for like 2500-3000 frames. It's a lot of frames so I don't think it'll be out for madness day so yea. I have a couple of tests here that you soak in. Also a screenie of the menu. :)

Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4
(New)Colt Shooting Test
(New)TTA Shooting Test

Madness Deception

Some Information

2010-06-05 12:43:53 by Delavas

I'm telling those of you, that come to my page, that I'm pretty far on my Diverse Collab part with 5.5s on 166 frames. I'm not sure when I'll be done but probably soon.

Here are some tests I made, tell me if they're good.

Sword Test 1
Sword Test 2
Magnum Test

Edit: I started a new project along with my collab part. Not sure what it's going to be called yet, hmmm... well here is a picture of it

Some Information

Finished....Now starting again

2010-05-16 10:30:42 by Delavas

Well I finished my part for the Lethiferous Collab, and now I'm in Xxblinx's collab called Madness Diverse. I started it and have 39 frames done with 1.2 seconds. :) I think its a good start so take a look at the preview picture.

Edit: Something went wrong and I lost the .fla document somehow, so I have to restart this whole thing which makes me sad.

New picture below of what is new.

Finished....Now starting again

Making some progress...

2010-05-02 19:49:01 by Delavas

I didn't reach my goal by finishing before the first deadline, but now that I have time I'll try making it look better. I'm making some progress on my part and I'm on frame 233 with 7.7 seconds. I'm probably going to be finished within the next week or so. I might make another post soon with another picture so hold on.

Making some progress...